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When it comes to facility upkeep, your tile and grout may be the last thing on your mind. They’re notoriously hard to clean, and this fact is seemingly worsened by the degree to which their porous surfaces act as dirt magnets. While it’s easy to overlook what’s literally beneath your feet, investing in regular tile and grout cleaning is essential. Not only is the overall appearance of your facility at stake, but your health (and the health of your employees) may also be adversely affected by your dirty tile.

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It’s important that you take pride in your facility, and while you, in time, may grow to overlook the dirt darkening your grout and tile, any new visitors to your facility — be it a commercial facility with lots of foot traffic or a hotel where people definitely tend to notice the clean details —  may not be so kind. It can create a negative impression on your brand if any prospective clients or visiting superiors, or guests see dirty tile. Clean floors help give the impression that you’re incompetent in your care of the facility. Clean tiles and grout can help you put your best foot forward, and they can also engender a greater sense of pride in your facility.

Beyond these aesthetic concerns, proper flooring maintenance also has some practical concerns as well. Porous grout easily absorbs whatever you track in on the bottom of your shoes. If left unchecked, it can become a veritable petri dish for bacteria, which can result in poor air quality or horrible aromas permeating your facility. Careful upkeep of your tile and grout will keep them looking—and smelling—pristine.

Cleaning can also help you avoid costly repairs in the future. You may not realize it now, but the dirt and debris clogging your grout can cause damage beyond simply insulting your nose and eyes. The erosion of your grout will cause sealant issues, which can create far bigger concerns in your walls or flooring. The superficial result of this erosion—the cracking of tile due to warping floorboards or trapped moisture—may only occur after the bulk of the damage has been done. This will further mar the appearance of your facility and land you with a hefty repair bill.

Even if your tile appears clean, there may be contaminants lurking on its otherwise pristine tile surface. As you’ve probably guessed, where there is moisture and residue build-up, there is bacteria and microbes. If you happen to live somewhere both warm and damp—like Orlando, Florida—then this is an even larger concern for your facility. Mold and bacteria build-up can result in health issues. Protect yourself, your workers, and your superiors from illness by investing in professional cleaning when possible. Tile cleaner companies are abundantly located here in the Orlando market area and why not … the dense population base allows for a good business. But let the buyer beware, tile and grout cleaners are not created equal. Check references. Minimize your risk by knowing who you are doing business with. We at cleanTEK are proud of our reputation and can readily provide names for you to call of past and present clients.

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Many of the outcomes listed above are only noticeable after a long period of time. Don’t wait to clean your grout and tile. The longer you wait, the more difficult it is to combat the build-up of dirt, bacteria, and mold. Taking a proactive approach with your cleaning is the best way to ensure your facility’s health and pristine appearance.

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Orlando Tile and Grout Cleaning



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