Why Hotels Should Regularly Clean Their Furniture (And Floors)

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Many hotels pride themselves on offering great rates with clean and comfortable rooms. However when it comes to regularly cleaning the furniture in a hotel room it’s hard to know how many hotels are doing it correctly, if at all.  Proper furniture cleaning in a hotel room will not only ensure that guests are completely satisfied with their stay but will also help the furniture last long and result in a healthier environment for the guests. With so commercial furniture and upholstery cleaning services available there is no excuse a hotel can use as to why their furniture isn’t cleaned on a regular basis. 

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Having great looking rooms is one of the steps towards running a successful hotel business but there are many other things that need to be considered to ensure that guests are not only happy but safe as well. Germs and bacteria can build up on surfaces that aren’t properly cleaned on a regular basis. No one knows where a hotel guest was before they visited the hotel room and what germs and bacteria they are bringing in with them. Regularly schedule furniture cleaning and maintenance will help cleaning will ensure that guest are free from the previous guests’ germs. It’s also a good idea to clean floors and upholstery because it will help removes any stains, blemishes, and other marks that can occur on a piece of furniture or carpet that can be unsightly and can harm the guests perception of the hotel.

Hotels that perform regular furniture cleaning – upholstery cleaning and carport cleaning or utilize commercial cleaning services also enjoy the benefits that preventative maintenance provides. Furniture that’s properly cleaned will last longer and any slight damage that occurs could be found much quicker than if it wasn’t cleaned at all. Not to mention your guests will come to appreciate your clean hotel and the way that makes them feel. 

By regularly cleaning the furniture throughout the building and in the rooms, a hotel will enjoy higher customer satisfaction and longer lasting furniture. Over time, this will keep costs down and guarantee that more people come through the door, and those who stay with you leave refreshed, happy and eager to share that experience. There are many commercial furniture cleaning and upholstery cleaning services available in Orlando and surrounding area who can offer competitive rates for hotels, which most often do not clean the carpets or furniture in house.

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We know you have a lot to think about when operating your hotel. But if you are looking to elevate your brand and your guests experience, we would love to demo some of our products and services for you. As always, demos and estimates are always free. We would love to speak with you.
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