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Keeping your flooring presentable and routine carpet cleaning in your commercial space is one of the most important decisions you can make as a facility manager. Why? Because a clean facility with clean carpets will make for the best first impressions on your clients. If your space could use some tidying up, Professional Carpet Cleaning could be just what you need. Besides, you live in Orlando — one of the most traveled destinations on the globe!! 
Even beyond keeping keeping your carpets, cubicles, and upholstery fabrics looking and smelling great, another major advantage to commercial carpet cleaning is that it can extend the life of the carpet. Dirt and other contaminates increase wear in the material, and can even eat away at the fibers over time. Regular carpet cleaning keeps your carpets free of these contaminates, looking fresh and vibrant for many years. 

Carpet Cleaning Orlando

Our commitment to you is serious. We understand that when we are cleaning your carpets and are on site — we are representing your professional image as well as ours. As a part of our mission when cleaning carpets or handling other types of facility maintenance, we promise to enhance your image and brand. 
We have worked with clients like Hilton, Hyatt, Embassy Suites, Robins & Morton, IKEA, and make others. These are influential brands that leave an indelible impression on the world. As we like to say in the office, we get to help them leave that impression by keeping the carpets, and their facilities, clean. A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service can be a great and wise investment that can save you thousands of dollars in premature replacement. 
We understand that it can be tough to schedule these types of services around customers and deadlines. That’s why our special encapsulation process is a big deal for commercial facilities. Time is money right? Right. So with our encapsulation (low-moisture) carpet cleaning process, we don’t have to soak carpets like traditional carpet cleaning methods, so your carpet will be dry in hours and not days. That means within an hour or so, you can book those rooms or meet in that conference center. 
Commercial Carpet Cleaning Orlando FL
Can we offer you a free demo of our products or services? Please fill in the contact form Contact Us and we will be back to you within 24 hours. See for yourself why cleanTEK is Orlando’s leading Carpet Cleaning Companies for commercial facilities. 
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