The Benefits Of Customized Carpet Cleaning and Floor Care

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Deciding which company to use for your floor care and restoration needs can be difficult and it is important to choose one that will get the job done right the first time. There are many different types of floors and even more ways to clean each flooring system. That is why it is crucial to choose the company that will provide you with the most customized floor care. cleanTEK is the best option for carpet cleaning and general carpet care.
Taking care of your carpet, vinyl, wood, marble, or other flooring surface can be a full-time job. For the hotel, guests expect cleanliness and beauty. For the commercial space, your tenants are guests and their clients are guests, you have to maintain a certain image to attract the kind of clientele you want as tenants. Nobody ever leaves a facility and talks well about it if the carpet looks grimy and filthy. Not only can it make one feel dirty, but it’s not very attractive and makes the facility manager look like lousy steward of the property. We don’t want this to happen to you, stress should not come from having a frequently trafficked carpet. Everyone here at cleanTEK knows how important your carpet and flooring is for image as much as longevity and it’s our promise to work with you to ensure you get the best carpet cleaning service possible.


It’s important to make sure the company you decide on will provide you with the best carpet cleaning and care to fit your facilities’ needs  To make sure you get the clean you deserve we will do a demo clean on the problem area of your property. We also offer free estimates based on the information that we get such as number of rooms and/or the overall amount of square footage of common space to be cleaned and we always customize products to the needs of your flooring surface. 
Orlando has thousands (not really – but feels like it) of carpet cleaning services to choose from and only a select few who will give you the carpet care you want. To keep your carpets well-maintained it’s key remember that frequently cleaning your carpets or other flooring improves it’s look and life span.  Keeping bacteria and pollutants out of your office or facility also helps the keep the air quality cleaner and fresher. Another bonus of taking care of your carpet is that the manufacturer warranty remains valuable. If you do not preserve the carpet by protecting it from dirt and other stains then your manufacturer warranty can become void due to ruin.


At cleanTEK,  we specialize in all of your flooring needs from carpet care, carpet cleaning, to grout and stone restoration. We always offer free demos or our work and free estimates on maintenance packages or carpet cleaning. We understand how important your carpet is to you and your company. We promise to give you a floor that you will love to show off. 
We always work hard to provide you and your guests or colleagues a floor and facility that shows cleanliness and exudes professionalism. 
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