6 Reasons to Keep Your Facilities’ Carpet Clean

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Does your facility have a beautiful commercial carpet?

Do you have those same carpets cleaned regularly?

If not, this is the time to hire a professional commercial carpet cleaner. Proper flooring maintenance is quite essential to make you facility feel fresh and clean which will enhance your customers or tenants experience. Getting set up with a floor care maintenance program must be handles with special care and attention to the exact kind of carpets or other flooring you have in your facility. Commercial Grade Carpet requires commercial grade care!

6 Reasons to Maintain Your Carpet:

1) Beautiful flooring (carpet, marble, vinyl, wood, et cetera) is one of the main attributes to any commercial facility. Clean carpets and flooring equal pleasant feeling for your guests or clients. Stained, smelly or ugly flooring equals the exact opposite reaction.
2) Frequent carpet cleanings dramatically increases the overall life of carpets and helps you save money in the long run by protecting your investment.
3) Carpet flooring is best to maintain quality air indoors. They suck the airborne pollutants and offers very fresh air in the room. Carpet cleaning companies process typically involves the removal of all these pollutants and dirt that is accumulated on it.
4) Dirty carpet can generate tons of bacteria and may cause pollutants to be moved throughout the air in your facility. Studies have shown that facilities with dirty carpets who do not maintain their floors by keeping the carpets cleaned are more likely to end up with airborne allergens and like conditions. Hiring a professional commercial carpet cleaning company like cleanTEK is highly essential in order to avoid all these allergic conditions.
5) Though you try hard to maintain your carpet stainless, it is tough to skip the oil strains, shoe dirt, fine dust in the room corners on your carpets. So, regular carpet cleaning helps you to get rid of all the dust accumulation on the carpets and gives a fresh and pleasant look and feel.
6) You can maintain the warranty from the carpet manufacturer by maintaining your floors. Frequent carpet cleaning enables you to maintain the carpets life and keep up with the full warranty period.

Do you operate a hotel, property management company, or are a facility manager in Orlando, Tampa, Charlotte, Dallas or New York, and are looking for a professional carpet cleaning service, please call us and we will be happy to give you a free evaluation of the flooring at your facility.

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